Terms & Conditions

Terms and Conditions of use 

I. General terms and conditions

Our business “TECHNOPARK” hereby intends to contact you and inform you about the high-quality products it trades.

You should carefully read and agree with the following terms of use and acknowledge that you are bound by them during your visit. The use of our website constitutes unconditional and full acceptance of the following terms of use. Otherwise, in case of disagreement you are pleased to leave the website and refrain from any further use thereof.

The following terms of use may significantly change without a prior notice. The new or modified terms will be published in our website, in this section. Therefore, we suggest that you regularly visit this section to remain informed about every amendment or alteration to the following terms.

This statement was lastly modified on 10.02.218.

Our business

  • Name of thebuisness: PERADZE OTAR TOY NUGZAR
  • Brand name/ Trade name/ Distinctive title: TECHNOPARK
  • Address: K. Palama, 9, Municipality of Athens, Attica
  • VAT Number.: 139388900
  • G.E.MI. (General Commercial Registry) Number:147074203000
  • Phone Number: +30 216 200 11 12
  • E-mail: info@bfide.gr

Intellectual and Industrial Property

All the contents of this website consist property of the business “PERADZE OTAR TOY NUGZAR” (in accordance with art. 17 of the Constitution) and therefore any breach or infringement consists illegal act against the current legislation protecting the intellectual and industrial property.

In particular, trademark, images, photographs, domain name and documents published in this website constitute part of our business immaterial property. Additionally, in some cases these immaterial assets have been created by another creator, other than “TECHNOPARK”, such as photographs. It is evident that TECHNOPARK can exercise this utilization under license, legally acquired from the creator. To be clear, we notify that publishing the above-mentioned immaterial assets in our website, under any circumstances cannot be considered as a tacit consent from our business to visitors to use or exploit these assets.     

Therefore, the reproduction, publication, modification, transfer or use of any other manner whatsoever of the websites content is strictly prohibited without the prior permission of Technopark and has legal effects. Exceptionally, the individual usage or reproduction of the website’s content (part of it, not the website as a whole) is allowed for personal use, provided that it will be accompanied by an express and distinct reference to its originating source.

Visitors' rights

The visitors' personal data our business collects, is highly protected from further use and process, in full accordance with the applicable legislation and the European Regulation 2016/679. In case of data breach, the visitor has – among the rest judicial and administrative measures – the right to notify the personal data breach to national Authority (Personal Data Protection Authority). You may read further information referring to the way we legally process your personal data in our website section, “Personal Data Protection Policy”.

Exclusion of our liability

The visitors of our website may be redirected, using relevant links referred in our website to third party websites. Reference to these websites is made exclusively for your convenience and does not establish any form of encouragement, endorsement or suggestion from our business towards the user to visit the third-party websites. Technopark neither guarantees their availability nor is held liable for mistaken, incomplete or illegal content.

We make effort to ascertain that our website’s content is correct and reliable. However, Technopark cannot be held liable for any mistake or ambiguity found in the website’s content. Additionally, Technopark does not take any responsibility for technical or other occurring problems during the website usage, including events of negligence. Technopark under no circumstances could be held liable for errors, delays, interruptions or personal data erasure. On the other hand, our business has taken the proper technical and organizational measures to avoid or restrict such problems.  

Our business's rights

Our business:

  • has the right to prohibit the user visiting our website if we reasonably believe that he does not comply with the terms of use or the applicable legislation.
  • has the right to delete the users' personal data if demanded by the national authorities or any other person. This right can be exercised if the collection or process of the data is illegal or against the rules and provisions of Greek, European and International Law.
  • has the right to terminate the websites function, change its content or temporarily interrupt its function, in order to modify or update its content, without previous notice.

Jurisdiction and Applicable Law

These terms are governed by Greek and European legislation. The Courts of Athens have jurisdiction to interpret the present terms and resolve any dispute that may arise.

In case of nullity or voidability of any of the present terms, this term is considered non-valid and does not affect the validity of the rest.

II. E-commerce – Buyers' rights

Our business is involved with the clothing electronic commerce. Our primary concern is to ascertain that our transaction is safe, legal and in full compliance with the Greek and European legislation. In the present section you may be informed about the purchase conditions and your rights as buyers. The following purchase conditions are fully complied with our obligations and intend to protect the consumers’ rights.

Order procedure

Our products have been published in our website (e–store). Our products are categorized based on their individual characteristics (e.g. name, price, picture, code number).

Before purchasing the products you wish, you are suggested to carefully read the present section of our website and then place your order following the steps mentioned below:

  • Firstly, you select the products you want to buy. Please, keep in mind and make sure that these products are in stock, by checking the relevant notification next to the product's picture. We clarify that this availability notification is not binding for our business, because at this stage of the transaction the process of your order has not started yet.
  • You select the size of the product you wish to purchase and add it to your shopping cart.
  • Once you have added to your cart all the products you want to buy, you can continue by clicking the option “Order”.
  • At this stage you need to fill out the relevant form and provide us with your personal data which is necessary to complete the transaction.
  • You can choose the payment method you wish our transaction to be completed with (e.g. credit card, pay pal, cash in delivery etc.). You can obtain more information concerning the payment methods below.
  • To successfully complete our transaction, you should declare that you have read and consent to the present terms and conditions by checking the relevant check box.
  • You may also, submit special requests regarding your order, to which we will try to respond.
  • If you are certain that your personal information provided to our company is correct, you can complete the process by clicking “Complete your order”.
  • At this stage you should wait until our business sends you an e-mail, confirming that your order has successfully been placed. This e–mail will be sent to you automatically and does not confirm the conclusion of our purchase agreement. Its purpose is to confirm that your order has been received by our business.
  • Our business examines the availability of the ordered products.
    1. In case that the products you ordered are in stock, we will send you an e-mail containing all your order information. Our purchase agreement is considered concluded, once you receive a second e-mail. After that you reasonably wait your order delivery. We will send the products you ordered within a time-period that is specified below. After our purchase agreement has been concluded, our business cannot modify its terms and especially the ones concerning the price or availability of the ordered products.
    2. In case some or all of the ordered products are unavailable, we inform you with no further delay.

    Let it be known that when you place your order through the telephone you must also read and be informed about the present terms and conditions. In that case, you tacitly consent to them.

Payment methods

To successfully place your order, you have to select one of the following payment methods, according to your special needs. You may choose one of the following payment methods:

  • Credit/ debit card (e.g. Mastercard, Visa)
  • Pay pal
  • Pecuniary deposit in our business's bank account
  • Cash on delivery. Cash on delivery expenses are 2,48€. In this case if your order exceeds the price of 150€, you should acknowledge that our store will ask you to pay in advance 20% of your order price.

Let it be known that at the last stage before you place your order, the total purchase price will appear on your screen, including the delivery expenses. The total price that appears on your screen is written in bold letters and can easily be singled out, in order to avoid any possible misunderstanding. All prices referred in our website include Value Added Tax (V.A.T.). The indicated price is referred to each item of every product. We also intend, to notify you that the prices indicated next to every product picture do not include the delivery expenses, which are added to the total price once you have selected a shipping method.

Shipping methods

Before you complete your order, you must select a shipping method. 


  • You may request us to send your products to your home address, or any other place you want. In that case the shipping time-period depends on your shipping address:
    1. If your shipping address is located in the area of Attica, your order will be sent to you within 1-2 working days after your purchase has been confirmed, according to the above mention method. In that case, your shipping expenses are 3.72€ (up to 2kg Greece) in addition to the order price.
    2. If your shipping address is located in a prefecture capital, your order will be sent to you within 2-3 working days. In that case your shipping expenses are 4.96€ (up to 2kg Greece) in addition to the order price.
    3. If your shipping address is located in any other area, your order will be sent to you within 2-3 working days. In that case, your shipping expenses are 4.96€ (up to 2kg Greece) in addition to the order price.
    4. It is possible that if the shipping address is located in an isolated or hard to reach area, our business may face difficulties shipping your order. In that case, after we relevantly inform you, we may ask you to receive your order from the nearest post office, in person.
  • You may receive the ordered products from our store, at the stated address mentioned above, among the rest contact information. In that case no shipping expenses will be added to the payable price.

In any case, the delivery of your order will have been completed not later that of 30 calendar days, counted from the time of the contract conclusion, as it is defined in our confirmation e-mail.

Let it be known that until the transaction is completed (by the delivery of your order) at any time, you will have access to your order information and be able to track it down (track number).

Our business is not responsible for every delay due to force majeure or other exceptional circumstances that cannot control or avoid. For example, we mention customhouse problems or delays, strikes etc. During these circumstances your delivery will be suspended. In that case we will contact you to inform you about the upcoming delay of your delivery.


Personal data we collect

We notify you that we retain your personal data and keep records of the agreements we make with our customers, after the transactions are completed and for a reasonable period, in order to be able to prove our business's transactions when demanded.

Your personal data you provide our business with to complete the transaction, are being processed in full accordance with the applicable law (go to Personal Data Protection Policy).

Right of rescission

The consumer has the inalienable right to rescind the contract without justification or loss within a certain time-period. Particularly, the consumer can exercise the right of rescission within 14 calendar days, counted from the day he takes possession of the products ordered. To exercise his right, the consumer must return the delivered products in no worse condition than received. After that, the consumer will be refunded via the payment method originally used for the purchase. The refund includes the total price paid (shipping expenses included). Exceptionally, if you have selected a delivery method other than the less expensive one provided by Technopark, the extra delivery expenses are not included to the refund.

We might restrain your refund until we receive the items you wish to return or until you provide us with valid proof of having them sent back to us. In that case you will be charged with 6€.  The returned items should be accompanied by the documents sent to you by our company (receipt, invoice).

The consumer is liable for every damage caused to the products, unless it is necessary for unpacking purposes. The consumer is responsible for providing our business with false personal information necessary to complete the transaction.

To exercise your right of rescission you should clearly submit your request to Technopark (by e-mailing or calling us daily from 10.00 to 18.00). You may also fill out our online rescission form.

Right of return

Additionally, to the right of rescission, you also have the right to change the items delivered to you and to replace them. You can exercise this right within 14 calendar days from the day the products were delivered to you. In that case, you will be charged with 3€, payable when the replacing order is sent to you. You can send back your order to Technopark, free of charge, unless you choose a different transportation company, other than the one our business cooperates with.

The procedure is simple. You may call us by dialing the phone numbers +30 2168097191& +30 2162001112, daily from 10.00 am to 18.00. Secondly, you should send us the item you wish to return via the Greek post office “ELTA Courier” charge – free. Once we receive the returned item, we examine its condition and send you the replacing product. You will be charged with 3€ payable to the “ELTA Courier” at the delivery time.

We notify you that in case you choose to exchange the returned product with a cheapest one you will be receiving a discount coupon for your next order. Refund is not applied.                    For products on offer changes and returns are not available.

Right of refusal to receive

When the order is delivered to you, you have the right to refuse to receive it and send it back to our business without justification. In that case, you will be charged with 6€ (3€ for the delivery of your order to you, and 3€ for sending it back to us).

Right to return the defective items (legal warranty)

In case of defective, damaged products or lack of agreed characteristics, Technopark takes full responsibility for replacing them free of charge. You have the right to request the replacement of the defective items, unless this is attainable for our business (e.g. non-available products) or it requires disproportional efforts for us. In addition, you have the right of rescission exercised as mentioned above. In conclusion, you have the right to request a refund of the price paid (part of it or as a whole). In all of the above-mentioned cases, you may have the right of damage claims. In case you have ordered more than one product, some of which are defective, the above-mentioned rights can be exercised in regard to them.

 In order to examine whether an item is truly damaged you should e-mail us pictures of it. Otherwise, you will be charged with the delivery cost and our company retains the right of refusing to receive it. The limitation time for the above-mentioned claims is 2 years after the delivery of the defective products arrives to you.

The waiver of these rights before the discovery of the defect is invalid.

Right of complaint

Technopark respects and protects the consumers' rights and makes significant efforts to fully comply with its legal obligations and abstain from every action offending the consumers' rights. We are committed to consider and carefully examine your complaints and requests.

Every dispute arisen in regard with our e–commerce procedure should firstly be settled extrajudicially by the Alternative Dispute Resolution's institutions (O.D.R.).

In Greece, you can complain in front of the Hellenic Consumer Ombudsman via one of the following methods:

  • Complain in person in front of the Authority
  • Send your complaint template via post office
  • Fax your complaint form
  • E–mail your complaint form at (grammateia@synigoroskatanaloti.gr )

You can find the complaint template via the following link: http://www.synigoroskatanaloti.gr/docs/complaint-tamplate.rdf .

  • You can as well submit your complaint via the following link (http://www.eccgreece.gr/el/european-consumer-centres-network-el/jurisdiction-and-procedure-greek-european-consumer-centre_el) via the European Consumer Centre' s e-platform.

To learn more about your right of complaint, of alternative dispute resolution and your other rights, you can follow the link: http://www.synigoroskatanaloti.gr/docs/law/gr/PD10-2017.pdf , where you will find the Code of Conduct for the e–commerce.