About Bona Fide

From 2015, Bona Fide's creative team designs luxury activewear and high quality leggings suitable for every sports activity and everyday casual outfits. 

The collection of leggings consists of a wide range of design series like Bona Classic, Bona Corsage, Bona Goldstandard and the famous Push-UP leggings, but it is constantly renewed with new models, designs and prints to make every woman feel stylish and feminine. 

At Bona Fide you will find special outfits for the gym, for any kind of sports and a great variety of designs, colors & prints, to make you feel unique and stand out in every activity you take part. 

Why should you choose Bona Fide?

The whole production is taking place in St. Petersburg, Russia.

Bona Fide does not cooperate with producers in China or other countries. This practice ensures that the high level of all processes, the technical standards and the high quality of the products requirements are met.

Experienced professionals, high-quality Japanese equipment, Italian fabrics and English yarns consist the basis for the production of a wonderful series of exclusive items. 


All of our activities are transparent. In social networks, we share new ideas and collect your opinions regarding our products, like which colors or prints you like the most. Every comment helps us grow and at the same time create the products you will really love.

Uniqueness of products

Bona Fide has its own, unique perspective. A large number of models and their variations in colors and prints are produced in limited quantities.


Bona Fide’s magic mixture consists of the best Italian fabrics, the strongest English yarns, the advanced Japanese equipment and specialized work with double quality control.

Is there anything else you need to know when you are about to choose your next outfit for the gym or your sports activity?